Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wispers in the Wind

The voices in my head that talk to me,

or manage to mumble under my breath ,

they know I listen and hear clearly.

How often is it that they sound as loud

as trains that run on a track whilst screeching to a halt in sudden emergency,

the creaks and the cracks within the screams of metal on metal.

Whistles blowing.

Steam puffing.

It peirces the deepest reaches of my hearing capacities,

sometimes painful,

yet instantly comforting.

Once it's there, it blocks out the noise of those who speak around you.

Invisibility is a superpower..

sometimes worn on purpose,

it overtakes you,






and you just want it to end all things.

But then it all goes silent.

You look around

and their mouths are still moving,

and their bellies are laughing,

and everyone is hugging

or telling stories....

and all you see is movement.

while you fade into the wall.

I stand in a room

surrounded by food

and flowers

and pictures of dad.

And I know he's there

and everyone knows he's there

...but invisible.

Dad's the only one who sees me...

because he hears the whispers

and the soft mumbles beneath my breath.

He sits by me and says nothing.


Like me.

and we watch...

and we breathe...

and I lean on him.

Because he knows the superpower full well.

I love you daddy.