Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Diamonds

The wind blows all about me this morning as I wave good bye to the school bus.

I feel the cold even more amongst the stitches on my face.

It burns despite the frigid temps.

The mountains look beautiful today. The cows braying in the feild break the language carried by the wind.

The moose returned to me today.

Three days in a row, she has come to feed on the fragments of alfalfa in the yard.

She is beuatiful and large.

This morning she wears a coat of frost,

like diamonds on her back,


I look down at my left hand and smile at the glitter that embraces my finger.

Today we both wear diamonds.

Today we both appreciate where we are today.

She looks at me.

I wave.

She stares....

I think she sees the glimmer from my hand...

and she's thinking

that today we both wear diamonds.

I saw her smile....

then she walked across the feild.

She couldn't bear the sparkle any more.

Ha ha.

Now I Smile.