Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Viscose Four

Being friends with girls is hard for me...

there's a handful that I love and respect because they are real and genuine.

It's the ones that appear to be forcing their nicities that I find hard to consider for

the "Authentic Friendship "tag.

Most are made of plastic,

or wear a mask of their partner.

They have no balls,

all smooth in the front like Ken,

opinionated-- yet appear presumably innocent.

They don't take sides or support anyone cuz it might cause a rift,

but they'll stab you in the back when you're not looking.

I just wanna rip their arms out and cut their pretty hair.

so their lives won't appear to themselves so perfect anymore.

Quit telling me about your life! Quite insinuating that you are better than me and everyone else.

I don't care about your dogs that are your children, or how much money you have...no one cares.

Do you parade around because that's where your self esteem lies.?.... on the outside, as a show for everyone to see?

I just want to stitch your mouth shut so you can't tell me all the lies you spew.

I vomit in my mouth at the things that you say.

It's funny how you still manage to point fingers when barbies' hands are moulded with fingers together.

You flaunt your high fashion, your big boobies, and your 2.2 children, a cat, and a dog- persona and smile for the camera...but that is not who you are.

On the inside you are rotten.

Your bones are evil and vindictive...bitterness flows out of your Colgate smiles

...and doesn't ruin your tattooed lipstick.

Your clique still exists in your imaginary world,

still so "highschool"

and malicious.

I have carried on this long without you...and still I don't mind.

Just Dad...and the 64 Chev.

I went home .

Dad wasn't there.

So I went to the garage.

I remember him coming into the house smelling of motor oil after working on the car.

It's all I could smell when I walked in.

I wanted to run up and hug him.

The house is quiet without the scanner going...and I hated that thing so much. I spent over two hours trying to dial up a channel...to no avail.

"dad show me how to work this thing."

Why didn't ever ask him to?

Why couldn't I just take interest in some of his things?

Anyway...the things I did take interest in..mom decided it should go to someone else or up on her shelf to keep....she told me I have good memories...

I just want my dad......and the 64 chev....