Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It seems,
as of late,
I wander through bits of debris.
Chaos and mess everywhere.
Brain shrapnel mostly..
pink and still breathing,
clinging to all that is life
within it's memory banks.
But I see memories scattered like shards of glass,
yet reading like shreds of newspaper.
I am desperate to read them, but they are hard to pick up.
Dangerous, actually.
I may cut myself in doing so.
I don't need any more wounds just yet....
I haven't healed up the old ones still.
These memories are mine.
Relationships torn,
things said,
reactions viewed
opinions forced,
Backs turned.
I look all around me,
and debris floats in the air around me looking for a place to settle...
Stuff I have forgotten,
yet i cannot control myself and pick things up and relive them
and open new wounds upon old wounds and feel them all over again...
my thoughts become a whirlwind,
I am enraptured in them all.