Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bullies Beware!

They're everywhere.
In your children's school,
in your workplace,
On TV, the internet,
even on your cell phone.
Who would've guessed they would be buddies with those who mean most to you.
they talk to you most evil,
But pleasant to their face.
They have the balls to bombard you on facebook,
but not to your face.
It's sad.
Too bad!
I don't care.....
because I have a zero tolerance policy.
i'm not mad....
just dissappointed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


As of late I seem to be in a bit of a tug of war.

Nothing major...

about as minor as two children pulling at a wish bone after thanksgiving dinner.

I am torn between two loves.

They call to me every day and at the same time.

I relish the time when my husband and

daughter are away.

then I have time to spend in the throes of the others....

The love of reading...

and the love of writing....

They call to me endlessly.

And their screams for my attention,

appear, in my mind,

to reach decibels that are unbearable...

seemingly, as soon as my family comes in the door,

or when supper needs to be prepared.
My library calls to me,
the echoes repeating the portions that resonate deep within me.
Today, I have chosen a date with writing.
Something I have not done nearly enough.
Today I write. I have the right to write.
My writing has won the wishbone pull. The tug of war with reading.
I will write and you can read.
And remember to take time
to date
your other
"True Loves".

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Life has taken a new turn for us.

....trying to now begin some substantial reno to the house.

We're in the planning and pricing stages at the moment

and trying to map out our winter season.

The basement is a priority,
and a greenhouse for next spring...

We're hoping to move Bree to the basement so she'll have her own space
to escape from the parents....

Budgets are being plotted and planned,

Oh, where to begin,
and at what cost,

The condo went fabulously fast...for just a few surface changes...
This will be so much more rewarding!!!!
I can't wait to see what timmy pulls out of his magic construction hat this time!!!

We are hoping to have a completely new looking house only 3 Christmases from now.
I cannot wait! It is the perfect Gift!!!

Read The Disclaimer...I Said I Would Bark & Bite!


As of late,

I have come to appreciate a small group of friends....

and , Yes, literally, they and I have moved a lot of bodies...

Off their hospital beds, out of wheelchairs, off of gurneys going to and from the morgue.

A lot of my world has proven themselves fake. They say hi on facebook, or try to come visit but they don't,

They say they'll call but never will...

But I have come to expect it. it is their nature.

My husband wanted me to hopefully become best of friends with some of the women out in this neck of the woods...

but they all prefer home,

and to not chat on the phone,

or not go out for a coffee or ladies play dates..

they often admit to me, forthright,

that they are hermits and never go out.

Some of them make arrangements and then don't even show.

Their character and integrity have no standing with me.

It's hard to visit someone with 2 faces.

"yes, I'll see you at school when I go to volunteer!"

:Oh sure, that sounds good, Ill meet you in town at the coffee shop."

No cancellation,,,,

No Discretion,

No respect.

No effort to show face.

It goes both ways I'm afraid. I tried to invest in you, the gas, the time out of schedule, willing to create something new...

But I have already put you in the recycle pile...

useless but still worthy of being used some other way....but not by me...

That's too bad....

Id rather invest in those

who move their own bodies...

than hang out with a bunch of dead bodies.

Who endeavor to become more than they are.

Thanks Sarah, Kim, T, Ally, Cara, Jenny,Lisa, Tamie, Tanya.

you are the nine other fingers I needed to complete the two hands needed to shift the dead bodies aside....

I love you, adore you, and respect your solidarity,

How you never change.... and always make time for "the Girls",

despite, family, schedules, and everyday chaos!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wanting Dad

It's been a year since Dad left home.
Lately while walking through the Home decor Stores,
I've seen many pictures of trees and mist.
I always stop and stare into the fog hoping to find Dad there.
He told me a long time ago that if he were to die,
he would wander away where no one could find him,
fall in the creek and float away.
It seems like yesterday when I talked to him on the phone.
I ssat in the yard this morning, staring at the mist in the forest below my house...
Hoping he would come out of it and visit me.
Maybe tonight,
after I fall asleep,
In my dreams...
I love you Dad.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lofty Living

Cher Paints Nails

Up in the loft.

I am so excited to be here,

up and running,

making ladies pretty.

Today I had a client, who had daughters

who were really into the Disney Princesses.

You can immagine their eyes lit up

when their mother showed off her new

"Cinderella Sparkle"

Gel Tips.

Their mother was overjoyed.

I was over joyed.

My little loft is quite girly,

or starting to be...

I booked two more appointments today,

and Ally,


said 2 ladies came in last night to get my card.

This is going to be a good public service, this will be a popular loft,

I am becoming Cher Paints Nails

within this community!

I love it here!

And they will love me being here!!

A lofty living this will make...

of friends, clients, and many new faces.

Thanks Ally,

for giving me this break.

Your friendship has gone above and beyond!


to everyone

who let me practice on them while

I was taking my schooling!