Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sister Jane

Some days, I'd rather have my friends as sisters.

Some days, I'd choose to have certain friends just be the distant sister.

Sometimes, I wish I was my own sister.

"Jane, your sister called."

I didn't answer.

"Jane....your sister know the one that had the baby?"

She's my only's not like I had to clarify which one she was.

It seems the sisters I crave are so far away,

some are busy,

some..impossible to reach.

But when I've reached them , it's like we've never been apart.

Funny now, how it seems when with my sister...

It's like we've never been together.

She's always been quick to shush me,

or carry on with her life while I'm talking...

I don't ever demand her attention,

but she kindly informs me of how her ignoring me is proper ettiquette

when she's made the initial call.

If I'd had called her , it would be different, she says.....

yet , it never is.

"Jane, shouldn't you call her back?"

"No, she'll be busy anyway with, now, two babies to tend to. She's always busy."

I really struggle with all this baby stuff....

...and sister stuff.

Everyone in my world has either 3-5 children or little ones less than 3.

No one has a 13-14 yr old.

"Jane, are you ever going to have more babies?"

I chuckled at that one. Thinking I was already ahead of the game...

but sometimes feeling like I dont fit in.

Our lives don't compare.

Like in school when we played sports and nobody passed me the ball,

or picked me for their team.

For the first time I get to play the role of the birdie in badminton, being tossed around and beat sensless, on what I should do.

I remember the days when I had young ones, and no one was interested in our company.

Pam, Tracy, Andrea, they had all left, then Marc and his family.

...and what seems now, to be my sister.

"Jane your sister called to see if you'd be in town overnight after your event on Saturday?"

"No, I have to go back home, why?" I asked the librarians.

"Well, she will be in town to show her baby to her friends and thought if you were to stay you could see the new baby too."

"Oh", I said.

She'll make a trip to see her friends but not her sister.

I wasn't all that interested anyway....

She just calls to tell me dumb stuff of how she succeeded her second pregnancy with not a stretchmark to show for it.

I have non-baby things to do.

And mine aren't stretch marks...

They're Tiger Bites...

Because they're that big, and their everywhere!!!

Oh how I need my other sisters... and a big bottle of Khaluha.