Thursday, April 30, 2009

Smells Like Snow

Often I have stared in wonder,

at the beauty of a blanket of snow over the distant farmland.

Hoar frost on the trees bring new life to the dead, brown colored season dressing for a wedding...

where everyone wears white in celebration.

Today is April 30th,

A day where we would celebrate the birthdays of Uncle Bobby and Grandma Allison.

Most of my world has been anticipating Spring...

but the weather peeks in with a warm day once in a while tempting us with the warm desires of summer,

and wearing almost less than a layer of clothing..

but alas...

We suffer the pain of more snow,

of grueling winds of the Alberta Foothills.

And another blanket to be worn upon the earth for just a bit longer.

I think that is what I will do this weekend...

Cover up and stay warm with my new Hudson's Bay Blanket.

I will watch the snow fall and dream of a wedding...

My wedding.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Office Day

After efficiently cleaning my house today I have decided to sit in office. My desk is laden with my laptop, and scribbler, drawing pencils and sketchpad. Today I am giving myself an office day and after that...the office day will turn into a regualr scheduled Office Hour. (Maybe two.) I need to finish the Red Door Diaries. A book I have been longing to publish for years. I have left my audience that currently awaits it's reveal. I need to finish it...I need to finish it for Jim and for Karen...I dedicated the book to them in memory of their time served with us at the Rock. I also need it for my family; Sherbo and Gerry, Ed and a few others significant to the part.

My other office hour will be dedicated to Plain Jane Beautiful...I am stocked with books in order to assist me in bringing her to life in pictures through a graphic novel. I have encouraging mentors like Graham and Mike. I can't wait o meet her once she's found her way into picture format. President Obama and his wife made 2.8 million dollars last year alone just by publishing two books.....I have 2 books sitting here in front of me and they need time, and dedication.....daily.

My favorite Author, Julia Cameron, says to do morning pages every day......3 pages of full scap's worth. She says it will amaze you on how much work actually gets done within a week. I guess that's how authors like Nora Roberts puts out novels like pushing a bowel movement. Poor choice of comparison...but man, she's fast....and it flows out of her fingers like she the computer's massage therapist.

I know that my typing skills could use some work. I can't do it as good as some because I stare at the key board half-heartedly while the words salivate in my mouth as I think them.

I will shut the world off and write and get my work done so that everyone who anxiously awaits it can get their hands on a book.

And Jane will someday sit on Graham's coffee table and will inspire girls everywhere to be more than what lies on the surface of their skin.

Today I will work hard....I have been given the rare opportunity to fulfill all that I have wanted to do. stay home and write, create, be inspired and produce great things. To inspire others and bring hope to those who open my writings and embrace them....

Monday, April 13, 2009


Preparations are a big thing sometimes. I am in the midst of planning a wedding, planning the landscaping of my yard. and planning our financial future....

I'm also planning how to best effectively lose weight before the wedding, how to even out the farmer's tan on my arms and what to do with my hair come wedding day....

Planning my next trip to England has been especially hard for me....especially after losing my dad.... I wish he were still here, but he had to go...had stuff to do....he always hated waiting for the rest of matter what.

But I need to go to see King George......My long distance dad. I never knew how much he meant to me until 5 years ago when Mum Rowe told me how much I meant to Him..and then revealing a cupboard filled with treasures he stockpiled for me consisting of lemon squash, chocolate penguins and a tiny jar of peanut butter, andtelling me "Peter absolutely adores you Cheryle".
I miss them both like crazy. I feel so fortunate to have been able to visit them as many times as I have.

Right now flights return are only $972 with everything included.

I hope to Bring my Timmy and everyone can finally meet. I miss being there so much, in ST. Ives....My home away from home.

I was sifting through my many years worth of photos thinking I need to scrapbook it all soon. I have saved, ticket stubs and pamphlets, rail passes and other tokens of my memories there....

How fun would it be to compile it all in a book for years down the road when both King George and Mum Rowe have passed on.

I will visit them within the next year....I will promise myself that much!!! Hopefully in the spring or early summer .....when the weather is still very beautiful along the coast.
King George will pick me up at the train and I will most likely, get into the car on the wrong side again.
...and yet again, once more, I will sit on the shore cliffs of Porthminster Beach and look for Canada's Eastern Shore.

"I'm almost there, King George! Watch for me!! I'm just across the water!!!"