Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Check the Appropriate Box

Today is a day of Priorities.

A day of order.

I bought a daytimer, through Franklin Covey...the people who help you develop those infamous, "7 Habits of highly effective people"

Walking around with a Franklin Covey daytimer...certainly makes you feel Highly effective...and I know that I am.

So I filled the boxes with my vast array of addresses and lists of Phone numbers, and busines cards.

Finally organized....

But....I'll more than likely have to call Juanita and get her address again...because she knows what it's like to lose those little crumbs of paper with vital information on them.

Today I readied to paint someone's basement. trim and doors, walls......a quick bit of pocket money for me...and helped someone check the appropirate box in their day planner as their renos come to a close with my work.

Today my dear friend checked the appropriate box, after her father picked it up from the greyhound depot, filled with gifts and creations for her children and a game for their family and a ton of supplies for her down time in this middle of this cold winter blast.

Today I will check the appropriate box......(the dumpster outside...and get rid of some of the crap in my house that stands in the way of renos.....if not. I will book a ride to the landfill sometime next week....

Tonight's box consists of easy supper...and then opening my boxes of card making supplies and relaxing with my daughter surrounded by her creativity and her eyes wide open as she sees the finished product.

In your to-do list today what boxes will you check off?

Which will wait for tomorrow or another day?

DO you know who marked you off on their list today?

Did you know that you hold an important place in the to do list of your best friend, your wife or husband, about the "Big Guy " Upstairs?

His list always has room for you...and he checks the appropriate box next to your name everyday...sometimes you're too busy to notice....but he's there, while you pick out the appropriate outfit for the day, or set the appropriate dinner for your family, or watch the appropriate shows on TV. He's checked the appropriate box...

Because you are his priority, you need him and he needs you.

Slow down look at your lists...and pencil a check mark into the space where it says, "Slow down... Pray....ask for what you need.......have a something for you....."

You are worth it.

Slow down

For you.... For Him...the "Big Guy"...

And then everyone else will know too....

and all will fall into place........

your life will be highly effective......

Thursday, January 24, 2008

what's your motivation?

Today I feel cooped up.
My application for home renos came in yesterday.
There's my motivation for today.
today I will run around, pricing things out for a kitchen. A kitchen with counterspace and more cupboards. ooohh and a dishwasher.
Everytime I think of dishwashers I envision the heavens opening and shafts of light breaking through, angel choruses singing the praises of a much desired dishwasher.
For three years I have functioned in a 10 x 10 kitchen with pink walls of Pepto bismol and 70's style tile....and no sad.
Today I dream of it's face lift, as I price out cupboards and sliding pantries, recycle bin storgae and who knows what else. I figure, I kea is a good start....I can sit in their ready made kitchens and pretend it's me that lives there and someday I will live in my ready made kitchen and then I will sell it to someone who needs it more than me.
No money will leave my hands today thanks to a starbucks gift card...I will go with coffe and tape measure in hand, dimensions of my kitchen and motivation to see it come to pass.
At home other passions await. but they will wait for me. Once my quotes are done and my application is in...I will have 3 weeks to dedicate to a painting that sits on my easel eager to be set up in someone's living room.
My motivation.... the future....
My future husband...
...who wants me out there so bad.
Me first.
Thats what he told me.
He'll help me get my house done first and then I can help with his.
Oh my head is filled with visions of door knobs, and closet organizers, wood floors and pretty baseboards that frame the finished work.
I have two paint jobs coming. cash in hand.. next couple of weeks I see it
get up....move, do whatever it takes to get you motivated.
When it speaks to you
acknowledge it.
move into it.
Ride it, let it push you.
Anticipate where it will bring you.
You will reach the summit.
You will soar to new heights.
You will look back and say..."I remember being there"...and you'll look forward and say..."But now I'm here!."
That is where you will want to be and it will then motivate you to go higher.
to push through.
to excell.
And you will look deep within yourself....
...and smile.