Tuesday, September 8, 2009


lately, people have walked through my door wishing to bless me.

Today for instance, I had a client come in telling me that she looked forward to getting her nails done simply for my encouraging hopeful words.

That blessed me beyond measure.

In a world where people don't care to listen....I loved listening to her today..

She has been through much struggle, we share a similar life pattern in some respects. I have been where she's been and she has walked my journey , too. It was great to connect on such a level of comparison while both of us trying to pull each other out of th pits we once stood in.

Nan, You blessed me today..

YOur stories always inspire me to beleive more. I am so glad you and I go to the same section of the library....I find remnants of you there all the time, leaving behind a book I should be reading.

Thanks again.

You made my day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009



For how long will people justify everything.....if you are guilty of something....then admit to it and carry on, either repair the relationship or end it...

Why do you always have to go into a tug-o-war with "he said...She said" crap!!!!!

Good Lord, People. Set some boundaries, and live by them.

I don't want to hear your reasons...just walk it out. stay true to yourself and your values, and what you beleive in.

I don't care who said what about you....I'll listen if you need me too....

But if what they said wasn't true then move on and beleive the truth in your heart. Believe in yourself for once and become all that you were meant to be....

Don't let everyone else drag you down.

Only you can decide who you are.

Only you can create yourself...and only you can destroy yourself by believing what others think of you.

Believe in you!

Believe in what you know to be true of you!