Monday, March 30, 2009

basement renos

there is so much to fix up here because the previous owner decided he was going to be not so fabulous with his reno efforts.

So Tim & I are left to our own devices to try and fix the mess. .....

For the most part, so far.......we have decided to paint. This will hide a majority of the flaws but for makes the room more warm and welcoming.

We'll have to re-adjust a few door frames so that we can put proper trim on everything...
The two back bedrooms will be torn apart to re-insulate and to re-drywall.

Bree is looking forward to moving down there.....and I am looking forward to decorating a guest bedroom.

I have recently fallen in love with the Cabella's catalogue....there home edition is nice because it is full of cabin decor.

I am hoping to go with a Canadian log cabin feel.

With panelling running sideways on the wall to give it that whitewashed cabin look.

I have had my eye on a red wool blanket at Hudson's bay in Banff, and I want to make a head board out of Red patterened Tiolle and birch trees towering over the head of the bed....I saw it all in a Canadian House & Home magazine and It looked so dreamy.... I've enclosed a photo of it above. We've decided to do the basement we'll have a completed livable space when we decide to renovate the upper floor.

anyway have a look see at the photos. the basement and the red bedroom.
Mind the bear. He's a little off kilter and needs some re-adjustment....Tim has a deer mount still at the taxidermist...hopefully it will return home soon. And cabellas sells a nice beaver pelt stretched out on a frame....

cuttlebug crazy

Okay thanks to Tamie, I am now dreaming of a cuttlebug...even to the point where I have bid on one through ebay. I spent ages looking through the vast templates available through ebay...My sister and I are both anticipating the arrival of a cuttle bug to further our paper addictions and to push us through to new creative efforts.

I'm quite amazed at my sister , really....she has never been very creative and for once I think she will develop quite a creative niche for herself....

Yesterday I made a couple of new cards with my stamp sets from Stampin' up...I'm hoping to get a summer job so I can host my addiction for the stuff. Next year I am hoping to buy the "Big Shot" die cutter and all of it's parts....then I will be able to do anything!!!!!!!
Until until mediocre cards will have to suffice.... Mine are still not as beautiful as Lisa's or Tamie's but someday....they will be.

enclosed are a couple samples of my work

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fake Believe

I live in a world where we all pretend.
I say she's my friend...
but she's not.
She chose to walk away.
Another says that my friendship means so much to her and that she's so glad to have me in her life.
but she never calls or meets for coffee.
Years ago my life was a mess, in shambles and shattered...and yes, I was sad, yes,I tried to reach out...
but no one followed through.
They all wished me well or patted me on the back.
They meant well.
I believed them for a time but they never returned.
........they were all fake believe!
Today I ran into a friend of mine who I had not seen since just after my husband left our home.
He told me that he had never forgotten that day that he walked away.
Being such a good friend for so long after high school and then walked away in the midst of adult crisis....
and forever regretted it.
Today he apologised for walking away.
It made me cry.
For a few moments I was transported back to that day when he walked away from someone who needed a friend.
For so long, friends just appeared to be fake believe....
Time goes by and so much of life just seems to disappear...
It's all make believe.
Fake believe.
Some days I will listen to people and smile...knowing that their talk is cheap.
Fake believe..
I used to believe....
in friends,
in authentic relationship,
But time takes over,
and so does distance,
and fleeting words and feelings just disappear as vapour.
I used to play make believe.....
but now live surrounded by those who play
"Fake -Believe"